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In the land of Azcania, there are evil ghouls that go bump in the night. However there are also witches, warlocks, vampires and lycans that bump back. Some races are affiliated with the Azcania kingdom and use their magical powers and abilities for the good of the land, but there are also beings of darkness that use their powers to destroy the weak.

In this world witches and warriors, six rookie bounty hunters search to capture the most deadly fugitives who practice the dark arts. Each rookie belongs to an exceptionally powerful clan, tribe or kingdom, and they must work together to capture the most deadly bounties and save Azcania from the demons of the land.

The six rookies are part of the Bounty Hunter Organization (BHO) which is one of Azcania's most valuable resources. The organization is led by the great wizard Merlynn, and is comprised of skilled hunters and seekers who capture deadly fugitives of any magical race for a monetary reward. As a result, they protect the innocent and assist in making the world a safer place.

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Damen Trakkor, a vampire from the deadly Trakkor clan, Vampires of Azcania feed on aether, usually from animals since they are the most abundant with aether, and with a chain and blade forged from magical alloy, he utilizes a unique form of combat. The powerful obsidian blades are sharp enough to slice through almost any substance known to man. With just a minor slice, allows him access to drain his prey's aether. His motive to become a B-Hunter is unclear, but it is suspected that it is related to his brother who is a wanted fugitive. He normally calm, cool, and collected but despises lycans. Read more...

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